Protective Clothing

Stay clean and work safely - It is much easier and safer to keep epoxy off your skin than it is to clean it off. Gloves, coveralls, lab coats, aprons and sleeves keep epoxy off your skin and clothing. Beginning January 1, 2015, our personal protective clothing (except the 836 gloves) will be made out of a microporous film laminate material which provides a superior combination of strength, barrier protection and breathability.  We've added aprons and lab coats to our line of protective clothing, making it easier to customize your level of protection to your specific needs.

 Product is currently only available in North & South America

Product Description
832 Disposable Gloves  Lightweight, seamless nitrile gloves are more chemically resistant than latex gloves. They provide excellent protection while retaining good finger sensitivity and dexterity and they are more puncture resistant than conventional disposable gloves.
834 Lab Coats* For upper body protection. Available in L and XL sizes.
835 Aprons* For torso protection. One size fits most.
836 Coveralls*   Elastic wrists and ankles help prevent sleeves and pantlegs from riding up. Available in L, XL and XXL sizes.
838 Sleeves * If you need to cover only your arms, try these convenient sleeves. 18" sleeves with elastic top and cuff.



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