Tools for measuring epoxy quantities

320 Small Batch Epoxy Scale

Mixing very small batches of epoxy just got easier 

WEST SYSTEM® recently introduced a new scale configured especially for measuring epoxy in very small amounts. The new 320 Small Batch Epoxy Scale accurately measures the correct ratio of resin and hardener for batches smaller than one 300 Mini Pump stroke. It allows for the accurate dispensing of epoxy resin and hardener in a range from 4.4 fl oz down to just a few drops of mixed product.

The scale was designed for those project requiring small batches of epoxy. Model builders, patternmakers, lure makers, artists and hobbyists will find it particularly helpful. The scale can also be used to confirm the accuracy of your 300 Mini Pumps and to add pigments or other additives consistently.

The scales dimensions of 5"X3"X¾" make it highly portable. It is sturdily built, yet sensitive enough to measure as little as .1 gram (a standard paperclip weighs .4 gram). It is battery operated and features an LCD readout display.

Complete operating and epoxy measureing instructions are imprinted under the scale lid. Simple recalibration instructions are supplied within the carton. A full two-year repair or replacement, limited warranty certificate is also provided.

The scale is presented as part of a kit consisting of dispensing bottles, 3¼ oz and 1 oz plastic cups, mixing sticks and pipe cleaners. The kit can be purchased at your local WEST SYSTEM dealer.

309 and 309-3 Gear Pumps Upgraded

The popular WEST SYSTEM Gear Pumps get a face lift 

Gone are the plywood base and the welded, painted steel reservoirs. The newly designed pumps now have stainless steel reservoirs and lids, a more durable plastic composite base and a metal handle. The pump housing will remain painted—green for the 3:1 version and beige for the 5:1 version—so the color of the housing easily identifies what ratio the pump is.

The cost of the pumps will remain the same. Pumps sent in to be rebuilt will also get the upgraded parts at the same cost. The stainless steel reservoirs are seamless. This will reduce or eliminate the color change that generally occurs on the hardener side due to the influence of iron in the soldered seam of the old reservoirs. Additionally, the stainless steel reservoirs do not need to be welded in place, thus eliminating occasional leaks at the welds. The new plastic composite base is much more durable than the plywood base. The handle makes it easy to move the pump from place to place in the shop. The plumbing and gear drive system will remain unchanged.

These pumps are designed for large projects and manufacturing operations. With a continuous rotation of the crank, the metered resin and hardener can be delivered at up to five quarts per minute. Reservoirs hold two gallons of resin and one gallon of hardener. For information, call 866-937-8797.

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