Unidirectional Tapes

Unidirectional Carbon Tape - use with epoxy
Unidirectional Carbon Tape

Unidirectional Carbon Tapes

Unidirectional  11.1 oz carbon fiber reinforcing tapes are used for selective reinforcement to improve tensile strength and stiffness in one direction while adding minimum thickness and weight. Fiber bundles are held in place by a polyester fill thread for easy handling and wet out. 144,000 fibers per inch of tape width.

702-12 11.1 oz, 1½” x 12′ roll

702-50 11.1 oz, 1½” x 50′ roll

703-12 11.1 oz, 3″ x 12′ roll

703-50 11.1 oz, 3″ x 50′ roll









Unidirectional Glass Tape - use with epoxy
Unidirectional Glass Tape

Unidirectional Glass Tape

Unidirectional E-glass fiber reinforcing tape is used to add strength in one direction, but with less stiffness than carbon fiber. Easy to handle and wet out.

713-50  11 oz, 3″ wide x 50′ roll








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