Why Choose WEST SYSTEM Epoxy?

All epoxies are not created equal. Epoxy brands can vary widely in their formulations, quality of raw materials, and their suitability for marine environments. It’s easy to market an off-the-shelf industrial epoxy product as a marine epoxy, or formulate an epoxy with one or two favorable characteristics while sacrificing other important characteristics. It’s much more difficult to balance all of the physical and mechanical properties necessary for a versatile, high-quality marine epoxy. Defining an epoxy’s performance criteria, and designing a formula to meet those criteria requires good chemistry, rigorous test programs, skillful shop work, and direct experience with today’s high-performance boats and composite structures.

Epoxy Reliability & Performance

WEST SYSTEM Epoxy was created by Gougeon Brothers–sailors, builders and formulators who know the engineering and the chemistry required for high-performance composite structures. We are an employee-own, family run organization that has maintained our performance-driven development of marine epoxies since the company was founded in 1969. We continually formulate, test and improve WEST SYSTEM Resins and Hardeners and develop specialty epoxies to produce the most reliable and well-balanced epoxy systems available.

Our resin and hardener formulas, ingredients and combinations are tested to compare fatigue strength, compression strength, glass transition temperature, and peak exotherm. Qualified samples undergo additional tests for hardness, tensile strength, tensile elongation, tensile modulus, flexural strength, flexural modulus, heat deflection temperature, impact resistance and moisture exclusion effectiveness. This level of testing ensures that any change in a formula will improve one or more of a product’s characteristics without diminishing any other characteristics. Current product data is published in our instruction manuals, in Epoxyworks, and on this website.

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, Gougeon Brothers has numerous protocols in place to ensure the quality of every batch of epoxy we make. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality product to meet the standards our customers expect.

Comprehensive Epoxy Testing

Good science and comprehensive testing are essential not only for the development of improved epoxy formulations but also for the development of optimum construction and repair methods. In addition to the tests conducted to support in-house product development, our materials test lab also conducts testing to support our outside builders, designers, and government organizations in the engineering of epoxy composite structures.

Aside from performing a battery of standard ASTM tests, we have developed new testing methods to evaluate adhesives and composites. Some of these tests, like our patented Hydromat Panel test, have become industry standards. This test uses a special fixture in our lab’s MTS™ test machines to simulate the pressure loads a section of a hull would endure in a lifetime on the water. In 1999, the American Society for Testing and Materials approved the Hydromat test as an official ASTM standard (D6416). This unique testing program is used by designers and builders around the world to evaluate various combinations of sandwich composite materials and epoxy formulations and ultimately build lighter, stronger, safer structures.

The information provided by a comprehensive test program, along with our own building experience, and customer feedback contributes to a data base on epoxies and epoxy composites that have been growing since 1969. This knowledge is invaluable for achieving the proper balance of properties required for a versatile, high-quality marine epoxy, and assures that the building and repair information provided by Gougeon Brothers is up-to-date and reliable.

Unsurpassed Technical Support

To help you make the most of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy’s balanced performance and versatility, Gougeon Brothers provides you with one other important ingredient—knowledge. Whether your project is large or small, WEST SYSTEM technical publications and videos offered provide detailed procedures and instructions for specific repair and construction applications. All of our instructional boat repair manuals and the entire book, The Gougeon Brothers On Boat Construction, are available here as free downloads. We are always interested in your views and welcome suggestions about our products and service. The number one job of our full-time technical staff is answering your questions about epoxy and making sure you get satisfactory results when you use our products.

Epoxy Developed for Boat Building & Boat Repair

WEST SYSTEM offers two-part (resin and hardener) epoxy systems developed for use in boat building and boat repair. Our products are formulated to provide maximum physical properties while being easy to use. WEST SYSTEM epoxies are versatile. With the 105 System, users can blend resins, hardeners, fillers and additives to get the right combination for their project’s requirements. 105 Resin is paired with one of four hardeners depending on the user’s needs for working time and coating clarity. Fillers and additives allow further adjustments to the mixture’s handling characteristics and cured physical properties.  Allowing the user to tailor the epoxy to their exact needs for boat construction, boat repair, and a wide array of other uses is what WEST SYSTEM has always been about.

Readily Available at Local Marine & Hardware Stores

WEST SYSTEM Products are available at fine marine chandleries and hardware stores worldwide. We have a longstanding philosophy of supporting brick and mortar stores where our customers can talk to their local, knowledgeable, friendly store staff and be reminded to get all the products they need to successfully complete their project. We keep our dealers up to date on best practices for using epoxy, new products as they become available, and of course, safety considerations. Our network of qualified WEST SYSTEM dealers continues to grow.