Epoxy safety is important. Epoxy is a chemical product and should be handled with care. Whether you’re a new user of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy or an old hand at it, you’re always better off with the most up-to-date information on using epoxy safely. We strive to make it easy for our epoxy customers to find our Safety Data Sheets, learn the best practices for using epoxy safely around the shop, boat or home, and understand the hazards inherent with all marine grade epoxies. The safe use of epoxy is not difficult, but it is important.


Safety Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets


Understanding Epoxy Overexposure
Understanding Overexposure to Epoxy

Health Effects from Epoxy Overexposure
Health Effects from Overexposure to Epoxy

Preventing Epoxy Overexposure
Preventing Overexposure to Epoxy

Uncontrolled Epoxy Cure
Uncontrolled Epoxy Cure

Epoxy Safety - Spraying Epoxy
Spraying Epoxy
Epoxy Safety - Shop Hazards
Shop Hazards of Epoxy


Epoxy Safety - Environmental Concerns
Environmental Concerns with Epoxy

Tips on Working Clean with Epoxy
Working Cleanly with Epoxy


Epoxy Safety Considerations

Boat building, boat repair, and other projects involving epoxy should not be hazardous to your health. While we don’t feel that it’s necessary to discuss all aspects of woodworking and power tool safety, we do think it important to set guidelines for epoxy safety. The links above cover the hazards of working with WEST SYSTEM epoxy, as well as a few shop-related hazards. We offer common sense epoxy safety practices to help you prevent health problems and assure your long and productive use of epoxy.

As an epoxy user, you should be concerned about health and safety and stay well informed about the materials and products you use. Serious health problems associated with epoxy use are uncommon; most problems are minor, but they can cause discomfort and diminish the rewards of using epoxy. Fortunately, these hazards are quite preventable. We have safely used epoxies to build and repair boats for decades

In the epoxy safety links above, we presented the health hazards sometimes associated with mishandling epoxies and related construction and repair materials. In the course of a building or boat repair project, you may run a greater risk of harm falling from a ladder or misusing power tools. It’s self-defeating to worry a great deal about epoxy safety if you are careless about using your table saw. Good health can help you avoid and overcome the problems described here.

The more informed you are about the products you use, the better off you’ll be. Master basic health and safety principles and take responsibility for seeing them through. Your shop or business will be a safe place and you’ll be able to continue working with WEST SYSTEM epoxy for a long time. When it comes to setting the rules and work practices of your shop, your health and safety are in your own hands. All WEST SYSTEM technical manuals include basic safety information. All of our product labels provide appropriate hazard warnings.

If you need more detailed product-specific information you should be able to find it in our Safety Data Sheets.

For further reading, Epoxyworks magazine offers a free download of the Epoxy Safety guide.