Epoxy is our business.

Our WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy is the leading brand of marine epoxy for boat construction and repair. It is distributed and sold worldwide and widely available at marine chandleries and hardware stores across the USA. PRO-SET® Epoxy, our OEM brand, is a favorite with cutting-edge composites manufacturers in the marine, auto, and aerospace industries. Our biobased brand of epoxy, Entropy Resins®, is popular with builders and manufacturers of surfboards, paddlesport and snowsport equipment, skateboards, and artists.

Available Positions

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Work Environment & Culture

About 55 individuals have a career at Gougeon Brothers, Inc. Our employees are of varying ages, education levels, skill sets, and backgrounds. It’s a friendly and open workplace where relaxed interaction across all departments and levels is the norm.

We understand that the people closest to the action are in the best position to arrive at effective improvements and solutions to problems. We welcome employees’ suggestions for creative and workable solutions that enhance safety, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Over the decades we’ve been in business (since 1969), we’ve developed company traditions like our annual summer picnic (we close down for the day so everyone can enjoy it), our holiday party, as well as an annual Thanksgiving feast, hot dog roasts, chili cookoff, and employee recognition breakfasts.

Epoxy formulation and testing in the lab at Gougeon Brothers, Inc.


Compensation & benefits

Our generous compensation packages place us among the most competitive employers in the area. As an employee-owned (ESOP), family-run company, we return a portion of our profits to our employees in profit-sharing checks, stocks, and stock bonuses. This motivates all of us to do our best, whether we’re pursuing customers or conserving resources. In addition, we award annual performance bonuses where appropriate. We hold a company-wide meeting each month so that all of our employee-owners know exactly where we stand financially.

We provide paid sick, emergency, and funeral days; paid vacations; paid holidays; and a paid two-week sabbatical every three years—whether you’re the president or a production worker.

We place a high value on a healthy workforce, and in support of that, we offer excellent healthcare coverage, reimburse fitness club memberships, and even provide fresh fruits and vegetables in our lunch room.

Employee Development

Staying at the top of our field is important to us. Nothing keeps us in that position more effectively than an educated workforce. In addition to our tuition reimbursement program, we encourage (and cover) specialized training sessions, seminars, and field visits.


We’re located in Bay City, Michigan, on the banks of the Saginaw River. This historic community of about 34,000 people has good schools, a top-notch library system, a thriving downtown with shopping, beaches, seasonal farmers’ markets, nearby colleges, and several beautiful parks.


Inside Sales Manager – Bay City, MI