Estimating Coverage for Fabric Application

Below is an estimation of how much epoxy is needed to wet out 1 sq. ft. of fiberglass cloth and apply two fill coats.

Fabric Product Number Fabric Weight Per Yard* Mixed Epoxy Needed
740 Glass Fabric 4 oz 1.4 fl. oz.
742 Glass Fabric 6 oz 1.61 fl. oz.
729, 731, 732, 733 Glass Tapes 9 oz 1.94 fl. oz.
745 Glass Fabric 10 oz 2.05 fl. oz.
727, 737 Biaxial Fabric 17 oz 2.81 fl. oz.
738 Biaxial Fabric with Mat 23.8 oz 3.55 fl. oz.


*Includes 15% waste factor. More (or less) may be needed depending on the job and personal application technique. The epoxy is applied at standard room temperature, approximately 72° F.


Determining Laminate Thickness

Estimating Epoxy Amounts