Glass Tapes

Woven Tapes for epoxy
Woven Tapes

Glass Tape

Versatile West System 9 oz woven E-glass fabric tapes, with bound edges, are ideal for reinforcing chines, hull/deck corners, and similar structural applications. When bonded with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy, they provide additional tensile strength to resist hairline crack development and abrasion.

729-10 9 oz, 2″ wide x 10′ roll

729 9 oz, 2″ wide 50 yd roll

731 9 oz, 3″ wide x 50 yd roll

732-10 9 oz, 4″ wide x 50 yd roll

733 9 oz, 6″ wide x 50 yd roll




Unidirectional Glass Tape for epoxy
Unidirectional Glass Tape

Unidirectional Glass Tape

Unidirectional E-glass fiber reinforcing tape is used to add strength in one direction, but with less stiffness than carbon fiber. Easy to handle and wet out.

713-50  11 oz, 3″ wide x 50′ roll









Determining Laminate Thickness

Estimated Coverage for Fabric Application

Fiber-Reinforced Composites


VIDEO: Applying Fiberglass Fabric with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.