Instruction is an indispensable part of what Gougeon Brothers, Inc. offers in support of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy products. Help yourself to a range of detailed instructional publications to help you get off on the right foot with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy products. All of our print publications are available as free downloads. Whether you’re building a new boat, repairing an old boat, working with wood, fiberglass or other composites, doing home repairs or are in the repair profession, our instruction manuals, book, workshop and YouTube videos are available to meet your needs. Our User Manual is available in 16 languages, and each of our application-specific instruction manuals (as well as our User Manuals) are available as free downloads. The User Manual, Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance Manual, and Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair Manual are also available in print at your local WEST SYSTEM Epoxy dealer. The venerated Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction book is available both in print and as a free download.


User Manual & Product Guide
User Manual & Product Guide (available in 16 languages) 

Application-Specific Epoxy Instruction Manuals
Application-Specific Epoxy Manuals

YouTube Tutorials offer instruction for beginners and pros
YouTube Epoxy Tutorials

The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction
The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction

Fiberglass Boat Repair


WEST SYSTEM Epoxy User Manual & Product Guide

We frequently update this instruction manual to give you easy access to the latest information on using epoxy for construction and repair. This indispensable, 41-page, full-color product manual offers clear instructions, color photographs, and product selection. In addition to the free downloadable PDF version linked above, you can pick up the printed version at no charge through your local WEST SYSTEM Epoxy dealer, or order your free copy directly from us at 866-937-8797.

The marine epoxy revolution, started by the Gougeon Brothers in 1969, was fueled in large part by the WEST SYSTEM Technical Manual, originally published in 1973. This popular how-to booklet was crucial to the success of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. With it, we were able to give WEST SYSTEM Epoxy customers the solid, reliable instruction they needed to obtain great results with our marine-grade epoxies. Today, we call this expanded and enhanced manual the WEST SYSTEM User Manual & Product Guide.

The User Manual & Product Guide explains epoxy chemistry basics, provides detail on all WEST SYSTEM products and offers instruction on epoxy handling basic techniques. A handy Problem Solver in back addresses common issues with curing, bonding, sanding, coating, exotherm, and appropriate storage of epoxy resins and hardeners.

Application-Specific Manuals

Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance (Available in Print or free PDF)

This is a complete, illustrated instruction guide to a variety of common fiberglass repair problems, including detailed instructions on repairing cracks and holes, delamination, rot, and keel damage. It also covers fairing keels, hardware bonding, final fairing and finishing, installing teak veneers, and gelcoat blister diagnosis, repair, and prevention. Softcover—144 pages.

Woodenboat Restoration and Repair (Available in Print or free PDF)

This manual shows you how to do professional-level repairs and renovations that dramatically extend the life of your wooden boat. Dry rot repairs, structural frame repairs, and plank repairs using modern products and techniques are among the many instructions covered in this fully illustrated manual. Softcover—80 pages.

Vacuum Bagging Techniques (Free PDF only)

A practical guide to the theory, practice, and advantages of vacuum bagging laminates. Covers the needed equipment, examins the various types of molds, offers insights into common vacuum bagging applications, and explains how to use WEST SYSTEM Epoxy safely and effectively in vacuum bagging operations.

Final Fairing & Finishing (Free PDF only)

Describes final fairing techniques for boat building and boat repair. These methods are also useful for many non-marine applications including autobody repair and building forms and molds. It also covers fairing compounds and offers tips to make the fairing process faster and easier. Finishing options are covered including epoxy as a barrier coat, how to apply adequate ultraviolet protection, and long-term durability.

Gelcoat Blister Repair & Prevention (Free PDF only)

A comprehensive look at the problem of gelcoat blisters in fiberglass boats. Covers best practices for preparing the hull, drying the laminate, repairing blister damage, applying a barrier coating and using WEST SYSTEM Epoxy safely and effectively.

Other Uses (Free PDF only)

An introduction to some of the more common non-marine uses of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. Includes repair and restoration instructions for architecture and home environments. These suggestions and tips are based on our own home repair projects as well as suggestions from smart epoxy users.

YouTube Epoxy Tutorials

Beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques and instruction for working with epoxy are featured in sequential video playlists on our dedicated WEST SYSTEM YouTube channel.

The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction

Decades of experience building with wood and epoxy are compiled in this classic book on wood/epoxy boat building. Extensive chapters on lofting, safety, tools, and construction methods are described with the aid of hundreds of detailed illustrations and photographs. This 5th edition includes about 20% new and updated material and a revised layout for easier navigating. Used as a textbook in boat building schools. Over 100,000 copies in print. Hardcover—406 pages. Also available as a free PDF.

Fiberglass Boat Repair Workshop

This course is for those who want instruction on the best approaches to making long-lasting, cost-effective boat repairs and develop a deeper understanding of modern composite technology. Since 1987, hundreds of boat repair technicians, dealers, surveyors, insurance inspectors, and boatyard professionals have gained first-hand knowledge from our experienced technical staff via this popular, hands-on boat repair class.