Epoxyworks Magazine is all about epoxy projects and is published twice each year by Gougeon Brothers, Inc., makers of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. The magazine has been in continuous publication since 1992. The table below makes it easy to find Epoxyworks articles about epoxy projects, techniques and materials, boat construction (from tall ships to kayaks and everything in between), fiberglass boat repair, wooden boat repair, architectural and building renovations involving, home improvements, the creation and repair of vehicles, and many other epoxy projects such as arts and crafts, furniture making, and sports equipment repair.



& Materials








epoxy projects - materials testing
Materials Testing

epoxy projects - Canoes & Kayaks
Canoes & Kayaks

epoxy projects - Fiberglass Repairs
Fiberglass Boats

epoxy projects - Architecture

epoxy projects - Aircraft

epoxy projects - Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts

epoxy projects - Shop Tricks
Shop Tricks

epoxy projects - Wooden Boat Construction
Wooden Boats

epoxy projects - Wooden Boat Repair
Wooden Boat Repair

epoxy projects - home repair
Home Improvement

epoxy projects - Automotive

epoxy projects - Furniture

epoxy projects - techniques and tips
Techniques & Tips

epoxy projects - yachts and large vessels
Yachts & Large Vessels

epoxy projects - aluminum boat repair
Aluminum Boat Repair

epoxy projects - Home Repairs
Home Repairs

epoxy projects - human-powered
Human Powered

epoxy projects - musical instruments
Musical Equipment

epoxy projects - tools-mod
Tool to Make or Modify

epoxy projects - multihulls

epoxy projects - plastic-boats
Plastic Boat Repairs

epoxy projects - porches and decks
Porches & Decks

epoxy projects - Bicycles

epoxy projects - sports equipment
Sports Equipment

epoxy projects - composites fabrication
Composites Fabrication

epoxy projects - iceboats

epoxy projects - boat-mods
Boat Mods

epoxy projects - Yards & Fences
Yards & Fences

epoxy projects - Weird and Wonderful
Weird & Wonderful

epoxy projects - Fixing Broken Stuff
Fixing Broken Stuff


A History of Epoxy Projects

Older WEST SYSTEM Epoxy users might remember a feature of Epoxyworks Magazine called the Project Directory. Back in the dark days, before the Internet, we offered a free service that connected epoxy users who were working on similar projects. A customer would submit their contact information and type epoxy project to us, which we’d store in a card file organized by project type. For example Multihull Construction, or Dinghies/Prams/Skiffs/Dories. These epoxy projects were divided into numbered sub categories like 2-22 Tiki Catamarans – Wharram design. This way, someone building a Tiki catamaran, for example, could get the contact information of someone who’d successfully completed a Tiki catamaran, then send them snail mail to hit them up for tips and advice.

Then along came the Internet with handy things like email listservs, boards with forums, and blogs. Suddenly, finding someone who’d completed an epoxy project like the one you were considering was as easy as typing a few key words into a search engine. Convenience and speed ruled the day, making the good old Project Directory obsolete. We discontinued the quaint snail mail service in 1999.

We still publish Epoxyworks Magazine twice each year, both online and in traditional print. We’ve organized the epoxy projects featured in the magazine on our Epoxyworks blog to make it easy for epoxy users to find projects similar to the ones they’re most interest in.