The 105 System

Time Tested, Professionally Trusted 105 Epoxy System

Since 1969 we’ve been formulating, testing and improving WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy systems to create the most reliable and well-balanced structural and coating epoxy to withstand harsh marine environments. We’ve designed 105 Epoxy systems for the best balance of working and cured properties for boat building, boat repair, and composite fabrication. 105 Resin-based epoxies are the most tested and trusted of marine-grade epoxies. They have earned their place as the gold standard to which other epoxy marketers compare their wares.

West System marine grade 105 epoxy selection chart
Product Selection Guide

marine grade 105 Epoxy Resin-205-Epoxy Hardener
Epoxy Resins & Hardeners

Fillers for marine grade 105 epoxy

Additives and Pigments for marine grade 105 epoxy
Additives & Pigments

Epoxy Metering Pumps for marine grade 105 epoxy
Epoxy Metering Pumps

Reinforcing Materials marine grade 105 epoxy
Reinforcing Materials

Application Toolsmarine grade 105 epoxy
Application Tools for

Why 105 Epoxy?

Two characteristics are crucial to a successful marine grade epoxy formulation:

  1. Physical capabilities, including the epoxy’s ability to stand up to the effects of the environment.
  2. Versatility, so that the epoxy is suitable for many different building situations, materials, and environments.

WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin, Hardeners, Fillers, Additives, Reinforcing Materials, Dispensing Pumps and Application Tools were designed and developed with the end user in mind. Start with the Product Selection Guide to determine which products you need for your specific project. Choose a dispensing pump based on the size of your project, resin-hardener ratio (or your budget). Select one of four hardeners for speed or clarity. Filler selection should be based on the strength for bonding or the sandability you need for fairing. Additives and pigments provide for additional properties such as abrasion resistance and coloration. Reinforcing materials such as fiberglass cloth and carbon tapes should be selected based on where and how you want to enhance structural reinforcement.

We believe every builder or repairer should develop an understanding of 105 Epoxy and a feel for working with it. We strongly recommend performing simple “shop floor” tests as you proceed. When you understand the working and cured characteristics of your 105 Epoxy blends, you’ll come up with the best solutions to construction and repair problems. The 105 Epoxy System was designed to give you the flexibility to tailor the epoxy to meet the demands of your project and work environment. If you’re just starting out, familiarize yourself with our recommended epoxy techniques. As you get comfortable with 105 Epoxy products, you may modify and develop your own epoxy application methods.