Aluminum Boat Repair

Gougeon Brothers, Inc. tech Randy demonstrates the new G-Flex Epoxy system while repairing an aluminum boat.

Aluminum Boat Repair Kit

The WEST SYSTEM Aluminum Boat Repair Kit contains everything you need to repair pinholes in aluminum boats.

Bulkhead Installation – Sail Video

WEST SYSTEM Technical Advisor, and veteran sailor Bruce Niederer, demonstrates the installation of a fiberglass-reinforced bulkhead on the J/22 HOG TIDE.

Deep Cracks in Fiberglass

Ben shows how to repair deep cracks in fiberglass boats with the WEST SYSTEM Epoxy Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit.

Fairing the Hull of an Optimist Pram

WEST SYSTEM Technical Advisor Greg Bull walks through the steps to plan, and execute, fairing the hull of an Optimist Pram with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.

G/flex Kayak Repair

This is the Kayak Chainsaw Massacre & G/flex Repair Challenge featuring Ben Gougeon & Daryl Brunette.

Surface Preparation – Sail Video

WEST SYSTEM Tech Advisor discusses the importance of surface preparation—a vital step in any project involving the use of marine-grade epoxy.