The latest boats, projects, and news involving WEST SYSTEM Epoxy

Boats built with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy are making the news! And so are a lot of other fascinating projects.

Southern Ocean Adventure with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy

Ahead of her journey from Brisbane to Albany, WA preparing for her circumnavigation of the Antarctic in January, Lisa Blair met with Lorraine Duckworth from ATL Composites to stock up on WEST SYSTEM products to keep her yacht ship-shape during her odyssey.

Vicem Yachts 67 cruiser designed for the modern cruising yachtsman

by Elisa Corti 10 Apr 00:15 PDT Vicem Yachts is excited to announce the launch of a new cold-molded motoryacht, the Vicem 67 Cruiser. Her traditional profile with a flying bridge and hardtop, bringing together Vicem’s timeless design with numerous features that today’s boaters want in their next yacht.

Virginia builders maintain wooden boat traditions | National Fisherman

George Butler of Reedville Marine Railway in Reedville, Va., cannot seem to find a way to retire. For a while now, Butler has been talking retirement. However, there are still boats on the rails being hauled and maintained. The 40′ x 11.5′ Glenna Fay and 48.8′ x 13.5′ Elva C.

Vicem 67 Cruiser ready for her world debut at the 2020 Palm Beach International Boat Show

by Elisa Corti 12 Mar 03:17 PDT Vicem 67 Cruiser © Sand People Vicem Yachts is excited to announce the launch of a new cold-molded motoryacht, the Vicem 67 Cruiser. This exciting model is set to make her worldwide debut at the upcoming Palm Beach International Boat Show (March 26-29, 2020) in West Palm Beach, Florida.

USA Bobsled Team Relies on WEST SYSTEM Epoxy * WEST SYSTEM

Lake Placid, N.Y.―In a sport where one tiny flaw can mean disaster, the team needs to be prepared to make quick, effect equipment repairs on the road. They can’t dash to the bobsled store for new parts. The USA Bobsled Team uses their own unique design that is not shared with any other countries.

Hawksley Classic Etoile 18 review: The classic stunner built by an academy graduate – Motor Boat & Yachting

After being inspired by a boat magazine article, Simon Hawksley planned and pieced together the vessel of his dreams. Not only the first he’d ever built, but also the first he’d ever owned! Attempting to log a maximum speed in a small, fast boat always focuses the mind, but today more than ever.

West System epoxy used in building an 18th century Gajeta – Part 8

by Jake Kavanagh 27 Aug 04:00 PDT The new boat performed well at the annual Gajeta regatta © Event Media / In our latest instalment of the building of a replica of an 18th century Croatian Gajeta, ‘Lipa Moja’ becomes the sum of her parts.

Project Boat update: Secret 20 completes deck fit-out stage

The Secret 20 is a beautifully designed classic sailing yacht that can be built from a kit, one of which was delivered to PBO in 2016. Regular readers may well have followed her gradual transformation from a collection of pre-cut timber to a shapely hull form.

Happy Birthday to Gougeon Brothers, Inc

by Grace Ombry 5 Jul 09:00 PDT Early employees at Gougeon Brothers Inc, USA © Gougeon Brothers Inc Wessex Resins & Adhesives manufacture WEST SYSTEM®, PRO-SET® and ENTROPY RESINS® under license from the Gougeon Brothers Inc, USA.

Vicem Yachts – Old-world craftsmanship meets new technology with 67 Cruiser

by Elisa Corti 6 Aug 05:28 PDT New Models Combine the Features of the Latest Yachts with Traditional Lines Vicem Delivers a Yacht, along with Cruising Memories Hull No.

PBO Secret 20 Project Boat update: Ready for the show

Daily progress over the summer break should see a finished hull, deck and rig at the show ready for auction. Rob Melotti reports Some real head-scratching work has been going on this month as the pace picks up in advance of Southampton Boat Show.

11. Sheer, decks and gunwales – Practical Boat Owner

Strong and stable: PBO’s Secret 20 is strengthened before being turned in the next step of her construction. David Pugh reports The time has come at last – nothing now stands between us and turning the boat upside down, prior to paneling the bottom to complete the hull.

15. Rounding the bilges – Practical Boat Owner

At the end of the previous article (Completing the hull), our Secret 20’s hull nearly complete, with the plywood bottom panels and chines epoxied in place and planed to shape. See the full set of articles: Building the Secret 20 kit boat with PBO.

Gougeon Brothers celebrate 50 years in business –

Over the last 50 years, Gougeon Brothers have grown from a modest boat shop that began experimenting with epoxy in the late 1960s, to a trusted manufacturer, and supplier of epoxies worldwide. Brothers Meade and Jan Gougeon began building DN class iceboats with wood and epoxy, selling 200 iceboats between 1969 and 1974.

Longbow – a purpose-built escape capsule made from epoxy composite

The British team attempting to break the water speed record in a jet-powered hydroplane are well aware of the risks, so the pilot will be able to survive a crash in a purpose-built escape capsule – made from epoxy composite, of course.

5. Filleting all the frame joints – Practical Boat Owner

Last month, I left you with the immortal words: ‘all we have to do is make a couple of hundred fillets and we’ll be able to move on…’ See the full set of articles: Building the Secret 20 kit boat with PBO.

All new cold-molded Vicem 67 Cruiser construction underway

by Vicem Yachts 17 Jan 02:53 PST Vicem 67 Cruiser © Vicem Yachts Vicem Yachts is excited to announce construction has begun on a new cold-molded motoryacht designed for the way boaters cruise today.

4. How to make the perfect epoxy fillet – Practical Boat Owner

Filleting is easy, isn’t it? Just drag the stick along the joint and presto, job done. See the full set of articles: Building the Secret 20 kit boat with PBO. As anyone who has actually tried it will know, that’s the approach of the blinkered enthusiast.

Ask the Carpenter: How to fix a cracked wood door

Q. There has been a crack in our front door for a long time. What kind of filler should I use to repair it? VINNIE LAMENZO A. My painter has repaired many of these on our job sites with great success. There is always a risk of the crack opening up, however.

Americans go West to build a boat in Hobart –

NWSWB Chief Instructor, Sean Koomen and a team of highly skilled alumni members are currently building the Haven 12.5 at the Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin, Tasmania, with the same sort of time-frame as the Dutch boat building project carried out at the last festival in 2017.

This foiling racer is crazy fast thanks to composites

I found in my inbox last week a picture like this one illustrating a blog by Jake Kavanagh (May 24, 2018) in the Epoxycraft newsletter -Epoxycraft is published by West System International (Romsey, UK), the maker of well-known marine epoxies WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET under license from Gougeon Brothers Inc., now known as West System Inc.

New Boat Construction Techniques From Composites to Carbon Fiber

A look at how the latest in custom boat construction and materials results in stronger, lighter and faster fishing machines.

Epoxy infusion video: learn how to build a canoe with PBO and West System International – Practical Boat Owner

Jake Kavanagh on the epoxy infusion techniques for building ultra-lightweight mouldings that can be accomplished by the DIY-er or small-scale boatbuilder The traditional method of glassfibre boat building has been to hand-roll liquid resin into reinforcing fibre as it sits in a mould, adding one layer after another and all the while aiming to avoid any air pockets by fully saturating the fibre with the resin, writes Jake Kavanagh.

A partnership for sustainable composites

To me, this announcement makes so much sense and heralds, I believe, a bright future for composites. In the communications Gougeon and Entropy sent to their customers and associates, they painted an image of growth, literally.

SCIBS celebration for ATL Composites – Marine Business

ATL Composites to showcase new boat projects and industry milestone at SCIBS. Marine supplier ATL Composites will be showcasing a range of its materials technology at the upcoming Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show as well as celebrating a milestone event for one of its leading brands.

Shearline 58 Boat Review

Good Vibes perfectly matches her owner’s needs and desires in a beautiful custom boat.

Eight Bells: Meade Gougeon >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Published on August 29th, 2017 Meade Gougeon, a sailing legend and industry innovator who pioneered the use of epoxies for boatbuilding, all while creating a culture of giving back at his Bay City (MI) business, died Sunday, Aug. 27. He was 78. The cause was skin cancer.

Bay County sailing pioneer Meade Gougeon created a culture of giving back

BAY CITY, MI — Meade Gougeon remembers the conversation he had with his wife Janet after deciding to embark on a boat building business in the late 1960s. “I told her, ‘We’re going to be poor for a little bit, maybe two, maybe three years,’ ” he said.

Get to know Bay City’s Gougeon Bros. Inc.: Taking composites to the ‘ultimate extreme’

Think of Bay City’s Gougeon Brothers Inc. and boats might come to mind, but President and CEO Alan Gurski says there’s a lot more to the story. “Our heritage is with boats. I’m going to take you to the boat shop.

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