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Aluminum Boat Repair Kit

Repair the most common problems with aluminum boats and canoes: leaking seams and rivets in aluminum boats with the Aluminum Boat Repair Kit. Each kit contains 8 ounces of G/flex® 650 Toughened Epoxy, adhesive filler, application syringes, mixing cups and reusable mixing sticks, and protective gloves. Illustrated, detailed instructions explain how to repair leaking seams and rivets in aluminum boats. All components are contained in a sturdy, resealable package.


WEST SYSTEM| image: 650-K-with-box


  • Leaking Seams
  • Leaking Rivets
  • Aluminum Hole Patch
  • Repairing Pitted Aluminum

650-K Aluminum Boat Repair Pack Includes::

  • 1 | G/flex 650 Toughened Epoxy Resin | 4 fl oz
  • 1 | G/flex 650 Toughened Epoxy Hardener | 4 fl oz
  • 1 | 406 Colloidal Silica Filler | 1 oz
  • 1 | Pair Protective Gloves
  • 2 | Plastic Mixing pots
  • 2 | Application Syringes
  • 2 | Reusable Mixing Sticks

G/flex Features


Modifying with fillers and additives makes WEST SYSTEM epoxy extremely versatile for a wide variety of bonding and coating applications. Epoxy can be thickened to the ideal consistency needed for a particular job. Epoxy thickened with adhesive (high-density) fillers strengthens structural bonds, bridges gaps, and fills voids. Epoxy thickened with fairing (low-density) fillers is easily sanded and shaped after it cures.


The term “laminating” refers to the process of bonding numbers of relatively thin layers, like plywood, veneers, fabrics, or core material to create a composite. A composite may be any number of layers of the same material or combinations of different materials. Methods of epoxy application and clamping will differ depending on what you are laminating.