Selecting Epoxy Fillers

As a rule, use WEST SYSTEM higher-density epoxy fillers when bonding higher-density materials such as hardwoods and metals. Any of the adhesive fillers are suitable for most bonding situations. Your choice of a filler for general use may be based on the handling characteristics you prefer. Fillers may also be blended together to create mixtures with intermediate characteristics.
403 Microfibers

403 Microfibers

403 Microfibers Adhesive Filler is a fine fiber blend. Use it to thicken epoxy blended resin/hardene...

404 High-Density

404 High Density

404 High-Density Adhesive Filler is an epoxy thickening additive.

405 Filleting Blend


405 Filleting Blend Adhesive Filler is a strong, wood-toned epoxy filler.

WEST SYSTEM| image: 406-filler-group-copy

406 Colloidal Silica

406 Colloidal Silica is an epoxy thickening additive used to control the viscosity of the epoxy.

WEST SYSTEM| image: 407-filler-group-copy

407 Low-Density

407 Low-Density is a blended microballoon-based fairing filler for WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.

WEST SYSTEM| image: 410-filler-group-copy

410 Microlight

410 Microlight is the ideal low-density filler. When you blend it with epoxy, it creates a light, ea...