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300 Mini Pumps

300 Mini Pumps are designed for convenient and accurate metering of Group A, B, and C sizes of the WEST SYSTEM® 105 System. The 300 Mini Pump Set Contains one resin pump and two hardener pumps. Pumps mount directly on the resin and hardener containers and eliminate the mess involved with measuring by weight or volume.

Designed for Use with:

WEST SYSTEM| image: 300-mini-pumps

Package Includes:

  • 1 Resin Pump
  • 1 205/206 Hardener Pump
  • 1 207/209 Hardener Pump
  • Group Size A extension tubes

Product Specifications:

Calibrated to deliver the proper working ratio with one full pump stroke of resin for each one full pump stroke of hardener.

  • 105/205-206 pumps | 0.8 fl oz of resin/hardener with one full stroke of each pump
  • 105/207-209 pumps | 0.9 fl oz of resin/hardener with one full stroke of each pump
  • Durable polypropylene

Product Use:

Compatible with all Group size A, B, and C containers of resin and hardener

  • Ready to install on the Group Size B containers
  • Extension tubes for Group Size A containers included
  • Group Size C extension tubes included in the 105-C Resin and in the 207-SC or 209-SC packages

Getting the Most Out of Mini Pumps


Modifying with fillers and additives makes WEST SYSTEM epoxy extremely versatile for a wide variety of bonding and coating applications. Epoxy can be thickened to the ideal consistency needed for a particular job. Epoxy thickened with adhesive (high-density) fillers strengthens structural bonds, bridges gaps, and fills voids. Epoxy thickened with fairing (low-density) fillers is easily sanded and shaped after it cures.


The term “laminating” refers to the process of bonding numbers of relatively thin layers, like plywood, veneers, fabrics, or core material to create a composite. A composite may be any number of layers of the same material or combinations of different materials. Methods of epoxy application and clamping will differ depending on what you are laminating.

Dispensing & MixingWEST SYSTEM Epoxy